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Surefire Buyer Intelligence

Attract Rabid Buyers To Your Products And Services

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From the Desk of: Rick Marrs

Dear Business Owner,

Have you ever tried to sell a product or service online only to have not many people buying?

Or are you doing well in your business, but you could be making even more sales but can't figure out why your sales are stagnant and have plateaued?

The real reason why a lot of people cannot make a lot of sales is because they are selling their products and services features, not their benefits.

But benefits alone don't really make a big difference if you don't know your exact demographics or in other words the exact type of person that really wants your product.

Do you know exactly what your dream customer looks like? The type of customer that wants to buy everything in your store?

You see - that's something that most business owners don't really think about until it's too late. But if you're reading this now then you're most likely not the typical business owner. You see the truth is...

There are normal customers who might buy your product and there are what we call hyper responsive buyers who really want to find you and buy your product.

Can I ask which one of these buyers do you want to attract?

Well let me tell you a secret.

This is why gather the right intelligence about your perfect buyer is crucial before you begin to market your products or services.

Now that I have your attention, how can you go about creating a buyer profile? And beyond that how do you know where to find these people? And how to write your sales copy so that it appeals to them?

Surefire Buyer Intelligence with PLR Rights!

8 Part Video Course
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Surefire Buyer Intelligence with PLR

Here's a breakdown of Surefire Buyer Intelligence 8 part video
series in more detail.

  • Video #1 - Introduction and Overview
  • In this particular video, you'll be given a quick overview of the course. We'll discuss how to get into the right mindset before you get started so things will come more naturally and you will be able to get better sales conversions in the future. We'll also cover tools that you can use to speed up the process.
  • Video #2 - Research Your Competition
  • Before you go out in try to create the buyers profile, the best way to start is by researching your competition first. Believe it or not you can figure out a lot about your buyers through about your competition especially if they are already established. So in this particular video, I am going to show you the step-by-step process of finding websites that will help you get the right data.

Just to get you started, there's more below.

  • Video #3 - Basics of Profiling
  • After you have researched some of your competitors and gotten a list of their website URLs, it's time to move forward. We will be using a tool to figure out some basic information about your demographics. While there is a paid version of the software, they do have a free version as well that will give us enough data that we need.
  • Video #4 - Gathering More Intel
  • Once you have gathered some basic data on your demographic or perfect buyer, it's time to gather even more intelligence by using another free tool. This free tool is amazing and will uncover a lot of information about your perfect buyer. I think you'll be amazed on how much information you will be able to figure out and dig up.
  • In Video #5 - Shortcuts
  • At this point in time of the video course, you will have unearthed a lot of information about your perfect buyer. But we don't want to stop there. We are going to dig up some more information that will tell us more about the markets and about the buyer in more detail.
  • Video #6 - A Typical Day?
  • Now it's time to figure out what their typical day looks like. This is very important because this will reveal to you a lot more information such as what makes them happy and what makes them sad. This information is important as it reveals to you what kind of products they are interested in buying. This could include your products and other products that you could potentially venture into.

Surefire Buyer Intelligence Video Series Continue...

  • Video #7 - Media Mapping
  • After you have mapped out their typical day, it's time to use different media sites to put yourself in their shoes. of course the reality of it all is that putting yourselves in their shoes or perspective is harder than it sounds. There are many ways that you can go about doing this, but in this particular video I will be covering one specific method that has worked well.
  • Video #8 - Buying Habits
  • Congratulations. At this moment in time you will have all the data that you need to run and get started. But before you this strategy will help you see their buying habits and may reveal more information on what products and services they would like to buy. This way you can see the long term in the feature of where your business can grow and scale.
  • Bonus - The Traffic Hacks Checklist when you get Surefire Buyer Intelligence today!
  • Do you want more traffic? Better quality traffic? Higher conversions and more money from your traffic? Of course you do. And that’s why you’ll want to use this checklist, which gives you 20 awesome traffic hacks that are sure to grow your traffic volume, reduce your advertising and marketing costs and grow your business profits fast!

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