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#1 Why Choose Wordpress

Before you start creating the perfect website there are a few questions you need to ask.

- Why do you need a website
- What is the purpose of your website
- What software are you going to use to build your website

#2 WP Websites Explained

WordPress is an amazing platform on which to develop your next website.

The best thing about WP is that once you have successfully installed the initial software, you have before you a blank canvas where you will build your site.

Which you will only be limited by your imagination.
#3 Chossing A Domain Name

Choosing a domain name the the possibilities are endless.

Unless of course you choose a domain name that someone else has already chosen. Chances are that you already have an idea for a domain name.

However luck only go so far, so you need to go do some domain detective work and find that elusive domain name.

#4 Finding A Domain In NameMesh is one of the domain search websites, it's an online resource that's free.

We're going to take a look and see how we can use it.

To see if your domain name is available, you can type in some information and you see four different categories and different information based on keywords.

#5 Finding A Domain with Impossibility

Another online search site for domain names, it's free and it's at

Has a fun little way of doing it, you pick a word that's probably a keyword.

What this does is it adds ideas and you decide which words and select what type to use at the beginning or end of the keyword.

Then it searches and finds domain names that are actually valid.

#6 Finding A Domain LeanDomainSearch

In this video we are looking at another free online resource for searching for a domain.

At find a great available domain name in seconds. You start up with entering a word that you want your own a domain name to include.

What lean domain search does is it takes your one word and find available domains containing your keyword.

#7 Finding A Domain InstantDomainSearch is a great website to go to if you have a pretty good idea of what you want your website to be.

And you want to test real time to see what options are available.

Just start typing and as you type each letter it will automatically check to see whatever what you've typed is available and it's real time.

#8 Buy A Domain On NameCheap

Starting with a domain name that you found that is available and actually buy it on namecheap.

In domain registration find your new available domain name.

Notice namecheap gives you many tabs to search beyond .com there's the 'Popular', 'New' like .psych or .tech also '$0.88' cents domains.

#9 Choosing A Webhost

Choosing a web host for your WP website is one of the most important decisions regarding the success of your site.

It's really important that you make the right decision before moving forward with your online business.

Many people make web hosting decision based purely on price which is the wrong approach.

#10 Intro To SiteGround

In this video we are going to go over to and take a look at the website and explain all the options that you have.

A recommended webhost provider when you come to the front page Gives you three options depending on where you are and what you
need for your WP site.

Currently we had issues with SiteGround and as a Safe Gard we recommend HostGator.

#11 Buying SiteGround Web Hosting

We are going to go and buy our web hosting at

At the front page and we're going to go and click on the sign up button, now earlier we discussed the three different plans the start up, grow big and the go geek. A quick recap the startup only offers you one website.

Currently we had issues with SiteGround and as a Safe Gard we recommend HostGator.

#12 Connecting Domain to Web Hosting

Now taking our newly purchased hosting and connect it to the domain we bought previously at NameCheap.

The reason here is we want people to be able to call up our site on when they type our domain into their browser, they actually will come back to the website.

This is an easy process as long as you know where to find the information you need and where to put that information.

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